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Good times in the Mountains
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Follow-up to Jennifer & Tiege (Engagements)

Well, the lateness of this post is a testament to the balance I keep (none) in my business. I'm pretty heavy on shooting, and have a really hard time staying up to date on editing and the website, unless, I've discovered recently, I promise to have pictures up at such and such a time for previewing, such as with the Lindsey's. So, when I take your pictures, make sure to remind me to get pictures posted pronto! Otherwise, you may have to wait a very long time to see them (on the website, that is)!!

Lindsey Review

After some feedback from the family, I redid this photo in its full size as well as an 8x10 preview. The colors in this version are a lot more saturated and vibrant than the last one. Let me know what you think.

The Lindsay Family Preview

This is the Lindsey family, a fun and lively group of wonderful people! We had a great time with them on Monday out by the new airport location. Thanks, guys, for a great time! We had a blast! Feel free to leave a comment as to what you think of the edit. Of course, your final cut won't have the rounded corners - those are just for fun. Let us know what you think!

Happy Valentine's Day from The LeBaron's!

Hey all! It's been a very long time since I posted anything - my apologies to all you who frequent the site just dying to see something new (which I know there have been SO many :D). But, past failures aside, Happy Valentine's Day! Here's a before and after picture of us and our new little wonder, Chloe Ann, who has added so much joy and love to our lives. She is such a sweet little doll and we are most grateful to be her parents. What fun! From the folks at Blubelle, warmest regards for a happy Valentine's Day.

Sneak Peak atJennifer's Bridals

What a great time we had shooting bridals for Jennifer out at Entrada! She is so photogenic and fun; Sam and I just had a lovely few hours with her and her mom, Michelle, and sister-in-law Erica. Gotta give them credit for some of the amazing pictures we got today! Thanks so much you guys for an amazing afternoon of fun! Here are a couple shots to get your mouths watering...